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Wind right back to 2002, when Zaha Hadid’s former employer, Remment Koolhaas (OMA) won the competition for the Chinese CCTV tower . Here is a scale model by his wife and OMA co-founder Madelon Vriesendorp .

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Going underground

Hey, if you’re worried about solar flares (not solar trousers), planet X, pole shift, nukes, mega-tsunamis, social anarchy, the flu, 2012 (and so on), then why not invest $50K in a fractional share of a fallout shelter. Plans are here , and the first is being retro-fitted into an old nuclear shelter “strategically located approximately halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas”.

16.05.10 in housing weird-wonderful

Lego weirdness

Don’t know why I’m linking this one, it’s plain trivial. See Star Wars lego warfare in front of lego Sydney Opera House at… Legoland, north of San Diego.

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Sick of us

by yobitch @ 27.07.07 10:55 pm
Sad but true – but you do grow out of it don’t you ?
Or do people spend their adulthood smitten with ehro worshipping promoting “starchitects” that effectively oppress smaller but not lesser practitioners? Interested in comparing notes………

25.07.07 in architects weird-wonderful

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