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Holyoake Cottage

Field Consultants’ Holyoake cottage is for private sale in Hawthorn for $750,000. Inspections (by appointment) this week (6th & 8th August 2009).

Winner of the Victorian Architecture Medal and Harold Desbrowe-Annear Award, the architects (FIELD consultants) described it like this:

It is not a villa. It is not heavy. It is not for a land rover discovery. It does not have a bathroom for every bedroom. It is not cheap. It is not tempered. It is not solid. It is not a figured plan.

It is not in Sydney. It is not in America. It does not have three bedrooms. It does not have a pantry. It does not have a sewing room or a den. It does not have a family room. It is no place for a white man.

Hawthorn,   Melbourne
Victoria,   Australia


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