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Hyundai Accent design dreams competition

This is a past event.

Hyundai Accent

Following from the publication of the Hyundai Design Directions e-book, which features butterpaper, Hyundai is giving one reader the chance to win $5,000! The Hyundai Accent is part of a deliberate change of tack at Hyundai towards better formal design. Hyundai would like to help one lucky reader to achieve their ultimate design dream: Is there a course you just need to do? Some equipment you can’t get your hands on? Here’s your chance…

All you need to do is

1. Head to the Hyundai Accent Facebook page, “like” it, and outline in the comments section below this butterpaper post which design features of the Hyundai Accent you most like and why.
2. Then, in the same entry form, tell them what you’d want to help to make your design dreams come true!

Be sure to keep your responses to less than 100 words, and to supply your full name and email address in the comments section! The competition ends on April 10th.

Terms and Conditions

[ In 2011 Hyundai Australia was a sponsor ]


  1. I think I like the side body panels the most – the way they are “scored” and carved. Much more interest than your normal compound curves.

    by Fred Grainger on 28/03/12 ·#

  2. I’m very attracted to “excellent fuel economy and low emissions”, coupled with plenty of space to accommodate both of us and our luggage when travelling around the country. Also love the frameless rear window concept … as a classic car owner, I could be converted.

    As for my design dream, today everything changed: it was to restore my 1970 Citroen DS Special, which I’m certain Hyundai would absolutely understand from a design perspective ;), but my design tool, the 2008 Apple MacBook Pro has performed sudden death! A replacement of Steve Jobs’ design phenomenon would be immaculate timing, and appreciated beyond belief!

    by Catherine Griffiths on 04/04/12 ·#

  3. The subtly tapered roof line gives the Accent a coupe-like appearance and, as an owner of the excellent Santa Fe, this is indicative of the company’s innovative approach to aesthetics allied to interior ergonomics.

    My immediate personal design aspirations relate to landscaping our current less-than-eye-catching and high maintenance gardens. Unfortunately, not all machines are as reliable as a Hyundai and our ride-on mower’s brakes failed at Christmas resulting in personal injury as well as the subsequent petrol leakage causing the machine to burst into flames necessitating a visit from the fire brigade! A new machine is essential.

    by Christopher Clarke on 06/04/12 ·#

  4. What I like in a car the most: fuel economy, low emissions, small size, and design quality. It seems like car manufacturers have been lowering the last one for years, in a mistaken attempt to please all. What results is that cars and brands can’t be told apart. I am glad to hear that Hyundai have realised this and is edging towards having a distinctive design.

    I think the Accent is heading in the right direction with its carved/sculpted look, it looks like a car I could probably own. One thing though. I use my car about town and it never gets over 80kph, so I think the aerodynamic focus of most small car design is dubious. Good to see a slight move a way from this, but Hyundai could go much further next time?

    I attempting to set up a studio, the money would be most useful for some furniture for it.

    by Troy Clarke on 10/04/12 ·#

  5. I think the most impressive factor of the new Accent design is the desire to improve. Design is about innovation, improvement and excitement. The new design fills all these requirements. Also, any company that actively seeks feedback from the public is a few steps ahead of the rest.

    My current design dream is to make a trip to Barcelona and immerse myself in the architecture.

    by Chelsea Rodrigues on 10/04/12 ·#

  6. I like the space, the practicality and the performance – Hyundai is doing its part to convince people that you no longer need to buy a large car to get a good one.

    My ‘grassroots design’ dream is to drive from Melbourne to London, chronicling along the way all the clever design ideas people have come up with to improve their day-to-day lives.

    by Jim Stewart on 10/04/12 ·#

  7. I love the fact it looks like the cars i dreamed of as a child when i imagined what the future might look like… but its real AND practical.
    My design dream would be to take to the open road with the freedom and confidence of the hyundai accent to free my mind of the complexities of urban life and gain inspiration in the wide open spaces of the australian landscape.

    by juliet on 10/04/12 ·#

  8. 1. The Hyundai Accent looks is a little, sporty car, but not only is it stylishly designed, the safety features of this little number considers your safety while looking like the coolest kid on the block.

    2. I’ve always wanted to dabble in a bit of photography – $5,000 would set me up to explore course options and purchase a swanky new camera.

    Kieran Stoltenkamp

    by Kieran Stoltenkamp on 10/04/12 ·#

  9. I like this cars tiger-shark-like appearance, sleek, fast – it could dive into the ocean.

    My design aspiration is to attend the Typo conference in Berlin this year.

    by Jeanie on 10/04/12 ·#

  10. Sleek, stylish, and ready to ROAR.

    I would love to attend the eCarTec Design Conference in Paris later this year, and 5K would certainly go a long way towards helping realise this dream.

    by Peter Enright on 10/04/12 ·#

  11. As a petite girl, I look for a car in which I can actually reach the pedals! The new Hyundai Accent looks well-proportioned, zippy, fun to drive and built for maneuvering around tight corners. Fuel efficiency is great, and the dual control climate control will prevent the boys and girls from fighting about the temperature. The blue lights are a nice touch in the interior.

    My dream is to (help) design a better food system in Australia. $5K would allow me to attend the food and agriculture conference in New York City this year and come back inspired with new ideas and innovative research so we can all eat better.

    by Kelly Donati on 10/04/12 ·#

  12. What I like about these cars is…………that they have a long way to go to show that they are something special in the car market place. Great company profile and directives on the Hyundai website, sleek ‘James Bond’ appeal on some models but where on the Accent does it say ‘this is the future’?

    What would I do with $5K? Put it towards a new car – something sleek, stylish and futuristic which for me is trimmed, toned, comfortable and efficient in all aspects.

    by Karen Tanfield on 10/04/12 ·#

  13. Constant motion and how this can be explored in a stationary object are of interest to me. My design proposals aim to create fluid buildings which look like they could and should be moving. The relationship between the stationary (building) and the moving (car/pedestrian) is consistently designed. The Hyundai Accent, with its sweeping curves and aerodynamic form achieves this goal, the goal to create movement in a stationary object. This is no mean feat; it is what I like most about the Hyundai Accent.

    Young, fresh architectural practice; needs money to establish, grow and prosper, to build on initial success.

    by Hannes McNamara on 10/04/12 ·#

  14. The sculpting really enlivens it. The chines that hold the bonnet edges, headlights and door handles; the embossing of grilles, foglights and rear hatch; the decal edgeless windows. This sporty compact exterior then reveals its Tardis interior – spacious plush seating, and a realistic capacity for luggage and supplies. The inclusion of the boot expandable into the middle bay is a great plus, not always a given with this size/style.
    That potential 5k will kickstart my roadtrip uncovering the merlots, meats, crumbling cathedrals and ebullient villas of Buenos Aires. Hola.

    by Fiona on 10/04/12 ·#

  15. +1 Add Friend

    The Hyundai Accent is gentle on the ears. She also has good road manners.
    For such a light-weight frame, she can go far and still be resourceful with energy. She has interesting secret compartments. And she will keep you safe.

    I would like to spend more time promoting spatial literacy in schools across Australia. This means taking internationally tested design & technology teaching projects to students. My dream is for a grant to make this work.

    by Clala Obble on 10/04/12 ·#

  16. I don’y think that I’d change anything at all. It looks very stylish. If I win, I would use the money to visit Korea and learn more about it’s architecture.

    by Robert Day on 10/04/12 ·#

  17. The best design features: the sleek lines, the integrated tail lamps and head lamps and really no car is complete without an interior that considers all the mod cons and creature comforts – loving the proximity smart key and push button start!

    My design dream – Immerse oneself into a foreign culture – a place for new possibilities, new experiences new ways of thinking – Korea Road trip here we come!

    by Andie on 10/04/12 ·#

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