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A colourful evening

posted 03.12 in news.

It was my first journey into the 26 year old Dulux colour awards. This is one of several industry awards in architecture, and this one now covers New Zealand also, so it was a big event. I have to admit the main reason I went along was that it was...

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Old Colours

posted 09.09 in news.

The names of paint colours used to be so much more.. honest. In this 1917 paint advertisement I like the name for the dull brown colour (so common about town, even now). Before you go, what would you call this colour?

Seeing red

posted 06.09 in news.

The brits(?) commenting on Maynard’s Vader House seem to have it in for his red tiles. Apparently red will date! The article is at the snazzy new Architectural Review site (UK) site. Yes that’s my typo-ridden comment, someone had to...

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