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How to dismember a park and get away with it

posted 03.22 in news.

There are lots of new social housing developments firing up at the moment, as part of the Victorian Government’s $5.3B “Big Housing Build”. The “Build” was announced soon after the public housing tower lockdowns focused eyes on the long-neglected sector. There is a lot going on, so I’ve narrowed it down to just one development not too far from me, and I’ll be looking at the site more than the buildings.

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Pruitt Igoe - the film

posted 02.14 in news.

You know the photos and the footage. In case you don’t here it is, complete with prevailing attitude courtesy of Robert Hughes. According to Hughes, “every sort of Corbusian amenity” did not “improve” the tenants,...

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Monty Python's Architect Sketch

posted 07.09 in resources.

Some tips on how to present to your client. A Youtube commenter suggests that the video is based on the Ronan Point tower disaster of 1968, in which a gas explosion ripped the corner off a housing tower. More on that at Youtube: BBC: Ronan Point 50...

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