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How to dismember a park and get away with it

posted 03.22 in news.

There are lots of new social housing developments firing up at the moment, as part of the Victorian Government’s $5.3B “Big Housing Build”. The “Build” was announced soon after the public housing tower lockdowns focused eyes on the long-neglected sector. There is a lot going on, so I’ve narrowed it down to just one development not too far from me, and I’ll be looking at the site more than the buildings.

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Shifting sands at Oriental Bay

posted 11.19 in news.

Oriental Bay 1959

In the past 100 years the “rotunda” at Wellington’s Oriental Bay has been buffeted not just by wild seas, but also the less predictable winds of change. Shifting needs, mores, and economies have seen the structure reinvented several times, and it’s about to happen all over again.

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Public Space, Private Interest

posted 10.12 in events.

Make space for architecture logo

500 Harris Street Ultimo

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A month at Barangaroo

posted 10.10 in news.

The month that was.. It began with David Neustein looking at Rogers’ Barangaroo and seeing… Canary Wharf. I am looking at an image depicting a series of canals, which bisect the Barangaroo site, when it all becomes clear. These...

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