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Frank Gehry wows UTS

posted 12.09 in news.

In case you hadn’t heard, UTS recently announced Californian celebrity architect Frank Gehry as the architect for the new Faculty of Business building in Ultimo. They’re obviously not trying to make friends with the local architectural...

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UTS docs posted

posted 08.09 in news.

The jury report for the UTS Broadway competition, won by DCM, is now available online. 2nd stage submission by Lacoste + Stevenson Architects and Six Degrees in association with Daryl Jackson Robin Dyke Tip: SKO’G

DCM UTS pics and plans

posted 08.09 in news.


UTS Broadway competition

posted 08.09 in news.

And the winner is… Denton Corker Marshall. From a shortlist of big boys and girls: Bates Smart BVN Architecture Cox Richardson Denton Corker Marshall Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp Lacoste Stephenson + Daryl Jackson Robin...

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Joanne Jakovich

posted 06.09 in resources.

The home page for a UTS lecturer. Emphasis is on things digital.

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