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see more To infinity and beyond

“I want architectural excellence and height … I want buildings that inspire Victorians.

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06.03.13 in urban-planning urban-design

see more open website in same window Tall skinny stories

elenberg fraser towers
Tower Melbourne (left and middle), Abode 318 (right).

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04.01.11 in urban-design heritage

see more open website in same window UD conference 2010

Some of the papers from the August conference in Canberra have been published online Keep Reading...

02.12.10 in conference urban-design

see more open website in same window Main Street malls

In 2008, Wollongong City Council hired the NSW Government Architect’s Office to fix the Crown Street Mall.

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04.06.10 in urban-design 

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see more open website in same window Keating on the attack again

At the Urban Development Institute of Australia national congress in Sydney this week, a Mr Paul Keating spoke with gumption, apparently shocking delegates.

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11.03.10 in urban-design 

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see more open website in same window Doyle's backflip

Melbourne Lord Mayor has Keep Reading...

24.12.09 in urban-design 

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see more open website in same window The New Marysville

Victoria’s Premier Brumby has just released the Keep Reading...

10.09.09 in urban-design 

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see more Demall, remall

Poor old Jonathan Glancey at the Keep Reading...

05.11.08 in urban-design 

see more TMAG

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08.09.08 in urban-design 

see more open website in same window The Pink Peril

Sound like Keep Reading...

29.07.08 in urban-design 

Architect / protaganist: Bellemo and Cat

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see more open website in same window Park on the wharf

In Auckland, Matthew Bradbury thinks Queens Wharf’s Keep Reading...

18.02.08 in urban-design 

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