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see more A sentiment in a minor key

The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is out of the way now, sandwiched between The Presidio military barracks and a residential neighbourhood.

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19.06.14 in buildings heritage

see more Flinders Street maybes

For almost a hundred years, Melburnians have been looking at ways to better connect the city with the Yarra River, which had been rudely taken away from them by the Public Transport corporation.

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28.05.13 in competitions heritage

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see more A lack of zeal

Driving past Waiheke Island’s new library construction site last month, I raised a bushy eyebrow on seeing the hoarding announcing Mainzeal Group as main contractor.

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10.02.13 in builders heritage

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see more Parliament Square bill passed

Parliament Square Hobart
Parliament Square – original proposal (FJMT + Citta)

Six days ago, the Tasmanian government introduced a bill to remove Hobart’s Parliament Square project from the planning process, where it has been battled over since Keep Reading...

15.08.12 in buildings heritage

see more Windsor Hotel - the ongoing saga

windsor hotel 2011 via MHA
2011 rendering, Windsor Hotel with lowered corner building, DCM

Melbourne’s Windsor Hotel redevelopment is back in the news.

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20.05.12 in exhibition heritage

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see more open website in same window Phyllis Murphy on wallpaper

Phyllis Murphy discussing wallpaper

Phyllis Murphy, a Melbourne architect who practiced with her husband John from the 1949 till the early ’80s, talks us in this Culture Victoria video through the world of Victorian wallpaper, a passion of hers.

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08.03.11 in heritage 

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see more 10 Murray appeal rejected

The appeal by the Save 10 Murray group against Hobart’s Parliament Square redevelopment has been rejected by the Resources Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal.

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16.02.11 in heritage 

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see more Parliament Square - a year of it

Hobart Parliament Square

On the day before the night before Christmas, the latest episode in a year of courtroom tussling over a key site in Hobart.

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04.07.10 in heritage 

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see more open website in same window Auckland's waterside standoff

Jasmax temporary queens wharf structure

It’s been a mess from the start.

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22.05.10 in heritage 

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