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10 Murray appeal rejected

The appeal by the Save 10 Murray group against Hobart’s Parliament Square redevelopment has been rejected by the Resources Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal.

The group appealed the Sullivan Cove Waterfront Authority and Tasmanian Heritage Council’s approval of the redevelopment because, “a culturally and architecturally significant building, the iconic 10 Murray Street, was to be demolished”.

This looks like the end of the road for the protest, as the next rather costly step is to take the fight to the Supreme Court.

Save 10 Murray spokesperson Briony Kidd spoke to the ABC : “We’ve obviously put quite a lot of time and resources into the appeal up until now, which we were all happy to do because we do feel very passionately about this, but there are limits to what we can do.”

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We’re asking supporters to help fund a Supreme Court challenge.

Contact us if you can offer support or suggestions or if you want to know more about the campaign:

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