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Melbourne MSS say

Melbourne City Council and the State overnment have a new Municipal Strategic Statement in the works. Its vision is for a Melbourne that is:

  • a city for people
  • a creative city
  • a prosperous city
  • a city of knowledge
  • an eco-city
  • a connected city

“The new Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) sets out a long-term vision and strategy for the growth and development of the municipality to ensure our city is well designed and managed and continues to be a great place to live, work and visit.”

Not a lot a beef in it that I can see. It concentrates on Urban Renewal Precincts, which are in many cases in construction now, so you’d wonder what effect this MSS will have on those. Possibly it really stands for Municipal Motherhood Statement.

You can comment on the new MSS until September 3rd.

Rathdowne Housing Estate
Rathdowne Street Housing Estate undergoing transformation this month into the Viva Carlton apartment complex (25% public housing). 2010

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