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UPDATED 14.11.11

Drifts pontoon breaks up

After a devastating week in Queensland, thousands of houses and businesses are filled with brown water. In a week it will be toxic brown sludge. This will take months to sort out and the demand for transitional housing will be high. Already the website of the Building Services Authority, providing advice on rebuilding, has gone offline due to load.

After the Victorian bush fires, people initially sought refuge with friends and family in other parts of Melbourne. Families were split up and people were isolated from their communities and homes. After a while they came back, living in caravans on their sites, and in temporary villages near their homes.

The best way to assist now is to donate, but a couple of groups are already mobilising to provide design assistance.

At the beginning of the week, Archicentre launched what it called a ‘triage service’ to advise homeowners on ways to deal with their flooded homes.

“Under the program, which will commence late next week in Bundaberg, flood victims will be able to seek professional advice from an Archicentre Architect on some of the best approaches of dealing with their flooded homes.

Later it is intended the service will move up to Rockhampton and work in with local authorities as needed.”

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Emergency Architects
Emergency Architects Australia, mostly known for their disaster relief work in places like Solomon Islands, has established a fund and also a register for architects interested in helping. Any excess funds will be redirected to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal .

“We ask any members (particularly those in QLD) who are interested to register their availability and willingness to assist if we are called upon…”

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Australian Institute of Architects
The institute has set up an architects’ noticeboard at , which will be online only until the end of this month.

Architects Without Frontiers
AWF is advising its members to volunteer via Volunteering Australia

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