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Venice in retrospect

I must apologise. A student from RMIT asked if I would publish this last October and I said, ‘sure!’ and then I somehow forgot. Although it is about a student’s visit to the 2010 Venice Bienalle, which was a while ago now, it is still relevant. It is about a student who goes to Venice to see the architecture, and instead ends up drowning in canapes and crashing parties. Which all leaves him feeling a bit sick.

I think I know the feeling.

“We soon find ourselves in a brutal conversation with a New York publisher, sparkling rosé in one hand, puff pastry in the other. I notice how quickly the information is exchanged while his eyes constantly check for potential beyond us. Who are you, what do you do, and what can I get from you: speed dating for the professional.”

Sergei Netchaef: Ice Cream (PDF)

2010 architecture biennale
[ photo: Sergei Netchaef & Paul Clemence ]

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