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Hyundai Australia have asked me to show them five Melbourne buildings I like, and I’ll be doing so tomorrow, pottering around in one of their new model Accents. Another five bloggers will be doing the same in other cities. It’s all part of the lead up to a design competition they will have in the coming weeks. Currently agonising over the selection but it should all be in place by 9a.m. tomorrow morning. I have a pretty odd selection of buildings on the list, most of them pre-1980. Photos of the buildings will be tweeted by Hyundai as the bloggers move around their cities, at Hyundai Twitter (which is rather quiet at the moment), and perhaps Hyundai Facebook.

This site will benefit from my labours with a tool that will make posts on butterpaper a lot more colourful. The buildings visited will be professionally photographed and added to the building photos section of this website.

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Check out Gary Annett Photography for your photographer for this!!!

by Allison Stout on 12.07.25, 09:47 am ·#

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