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Flinders Street maybes

For almost a hundred years, Melburnians have been looking at ways to better connect the city with the Yarra River, which had been rudely taken away from them by the Public Transport corporation. One story is well known, the drawn out Gas and Fuel to Federation Square saga. On the other side of the bridge, it’s been no less drawn out.

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Green Square Library - a look in the dust bin

Someone tweeted to me the other week that the Green Square Library entrants are online. Must admit I was barely aware of the competition. The 167 entrants have been whittled down to a shortlist of five by the jury… here is the list for anyone who missed the coverage elsewhere.

06.11.12 in competitions 

Flinders Street shortlist

The shortlisted entrants for the Flinders Street Design Competition were announced on Sunday. Many of Melbourne’s larger more established practices are represented. Only ARM and NH chose to go it alone, with the other Melbourne practices partnering with well known offshore companies. The odd one out is the fledgling Velasquez/ Pineda/ Medina partnership. Eduardo Velasquez and Manuel Pineda have just completed their Masters at MSD. Santiago Medina is still a student in Colombia. No doubt they will be freaking out right about now – in a good way.

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Black box

DCM Venice Pavilion

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Architect / protaganist:

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Unbuilt awards close Friday

Architecture Australia’s Unbuilt award nominations close tomorrow, so see if you haven’t built anything, and enter it. UNBUILT

06.10.11 in competitions 

Jaunt about town

Hyundai Australia have asked me to show them five Melbourne buildings I like, and I’ll be doing so tomorrow, pottering around in one of their new model Accents. Another five bloggers will be doing the same in other cities. It’s all part of the lead up to a design competition they will have in the coming weeks. Currently agonising over the selection but it should all be in place by 9a.m. tomorrow morning. I have a pretty odd selection of buildings on the list, most of them pre-1980. Photos of the buildings will be tweeted by Hyundai as the bloggers move around their cities, at Hyundai Twitter (which is rather quiet at the moment), and perhaps Hyundai Facebook.

26.08.11 in competitions 

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WAF time

The 3rd World Architecture Festival is to be held in November, once again in Barcelona. Lovely city, but shouldn’t a “world” event move around a little, like Miss World does (or did?). Maybe its English backers are just too keen on the quick trip to sunny Spain, though the event seems to shift further and further into winter with every year.

28.04.10 in conference competitions

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Sports Hall of some fame


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Queens Wharf gets bitter

entry 4

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wharf worries

The NZ Herald reports on discontent about the winning designs in the Queens Wharf competition. There are various grumblings from academics, Maori representatives, and quite a few readers. And Dave Mitchell has a go at the competition itself: “This is an $80 million building project. The total sum to be paid to all contestants for the key design ideas stage is 1/1000th of the project cost. That shows you the value that our national and local governments together place on design.”

11.10.09 in competitions 

Queens Wharf

233 entries were received for the “ideas” component of this Auckland competition for a cruise terminal and event space on an important waterfront site. They can be viewed online in a pixellated sort of way (even if you download the “high res” PDF.

13.09.09 in competitions 

Competitions burn you out

Peter Davidson ( Lab Architecture Studio ), in conversation with Michael Ostwald just before the Lab exhibition “Draw the Line” opened last month at the NGV.

25.08.09 in architects competitions

Architect / protaganist:


The World Architecture Festival has just shortlisted some lucky architects who now have to figure out if they can afford the trip to Barcelona and the door charge when they get there. The Australasian contingent is:

22.08.09 in competitions 

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UTS docs posted

The jury report for the UTS Broadway competition, won by DCM, is now available online.

17.08.09 in buildings competitions

dense agglomerations

RMIT student Tom Morgan, fresh from winning the Regrowth Pod competition, won the HP Cityscape 2020 competition at a ceremony in Melbourne last week. I’ve no clue what this competition was about other than “visions of an Australian city skyline in the year 2020 “- but here are some pics and words I’ve dredged.

13.08.09 in competitions 

UTS Broadway competition

And the winner is… Denton Corker Marshall.

01.08.09 in architects competitions

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Melbourne Uni building - tonight

Just heard this, a little late: Shortlisted teams for Melb Uni’s new architecture building competition have been in Melbourne this week to, “attend a briefing session, and as part of their visit they have each been invited to give short presentations as follows”:

26.06.09 in competitions 

Regrowth Exhibited, Bushfire Homes

Oh damn, Regrowth pod comp got exhibited in Whittlesea and I had not a clue. Here ‘tis

13.06.09 in competitions 

Architect / protaganist:

Domus discount competition

Maybe this happens a lot? A creative hub design competition being run by the Domus academy has as its prizes various discount coupons (sorry: scholarships) for its Masters courses. Even if you aren’t placed you’ll get a 10% discount to the course. Deal!?

09.06.09 in education competitions

Pod Won

The regrowth pod competition is all over, and the 35 entries whittled down to a shortlist of 7. I was one of five judges, which meant my personal fave didn’t make the shortlist. Such is life.

08.05.09 in competitions 

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