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Having been under living, or more like working, under a stone, I missed the news last Friday that three Australian architects won their categories at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona. Allen Jack+Cottier for the low budget Berry (NSW) Sports hall – the architect said the audience applauded when he showed a time lapse of the building disappearing into the rural night sky. McBride Charles Ryan for the Klein bottle house on the Mornington Peninsula, and Choi Ropiha for the years-in-the-making TKTS development at Times Square, New York (with Perkins Eastman and William Fellows). Attending for the second year, WOHA of Singapore (Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell) won the Transport and Housing categories.

The theme of the WAF this year was altered late in the piece from Less is More to Less does More, so ponder that.

choi ropiha

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Posted by Peter on 09.11.09 in 



boys up north of the rio do good site. don’t always need a harbour 2 do it either. same with bris/vegans.
the problem with mexico – never imagine there is a site.

by hairdresser on 09/11/09 ·#

so you’re saying you like that shed hd…?

by cabbie on 10/11/09 ·#

i like nothing. zero. am committed 100% to negative.

i respect it is all.

by hairdresser on 10/11/09 ·#

- its not a shed either.
hows the prius cabbie?

by hairdresser on 10/11/09 ·#

dunno about that wall – a bit too much like a roo shooter just drove off

by luke on 10/11/09 ·#

ha ha ….ha.

—- fcuken hell its a sign. representational mexican shite after all.
take it all back. nice 1 skywalker.

by hairdresser on 10/11/09 ·#

its in rural harbour town….
its a shed they play sport in….
prius broke down battery went flat…..
dragged out the v8 much better for doin city runs…

by cabbie on 11/11/09 ·#

fantastic reference luke…
big 12 gauge….
takin pot shots at the kids…
or are they shooting at someone/thing else..?

by cabbie on 11/11/09 ·#

nah .. reckon just shooting sh*t up for the sake of it – probably did it from the inside too to get maximum reverb.

by luke on 11/11/09 ·#

Congrats to McBride Charles Ryan. My favourite current firm. They deserve every accolade.

by Sean on 12/11/09 ·#

couldn’t agree more. I reckon MCR’s mastery of the accolade is staggering.

by hairdresser on 12/11/09 ·#

next up be some killer collonades 4 sure.
three cheers for MCR. job well done.

by hairdresser on 12/11/09 ·#

yeah dropped a black shirt at that house one night….killer fare….
long way you know…
stopped in for a cuppa before the drive back…..
admired the many angles that made the head go a bit sideways….beautifully faded colours….the sculpturally cupped flooring….its fantastic how well it blends with its environment….theres a whole colony of spiders taking opportunity for refuge….
all in all a outstanding example of contemporary architecture….
wasn’t it only built a couple of years back ?

by cabbie on 13/11/09 ·#

heard they can’t afford a cleaner cabbie and r above picking up a feather duster. couldn’t live with all those dust and pubic hair collecting ledges myself. – – 3 cheers for MCR and i looove the ESD approach of letting the building dissolve in the rain.

by hairdresser on 15/11/09 ·#

its a response to the site….
good job don’t you think sean ?
put it on the heritage register before its too late.

by cabbie on 20/11/09 ·#

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