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Pod Won

The regrowth pod competition is all over, and the 35 entries whittled down to a shortlist of 7. I was one of five judges, which meant my personal fave didn’t make the shortlist. Such is life.

A BIT LATER…. Further whittling has found us a winner – Tom Morgan / Sharkmouse’s super robust Tanker house.



Posted by Peter on 08.05.09 in 




Peter: now that you (being one of the judges) mention your personal fave in contrast to the shortlist, it’d be interesting to hear which entry actually was your fave and why…

by Thomas Stromberg on 09.05.14, 09:43 am ·#

Best not aye, united front’n‘all. I’m happy with the result.

by peter on 09.05.21, 01:55 am ·#

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