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Over-budget in Kinglake

Is The Age getting sponsored by the HIA, did an architect just make a shocking mistake, or did they go to the wrong builder? A kinglake family’s efforts to rebuild come to nowt.

“They are reeling from the extra costs involved in having to rebuild to fire-resistant standards. They also made a mistake in asking an architect to design their new home. They told him the budget was $300,000 but his design was costed by builders at $900,000, so the $50,000 they spent on design and surveying for that project was lost.”


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same $50K spent on fees is $50K Red Cross Money – from donations fund?
distribution came with a letter signed by Hackountant like $ from the Govt.
letter said it was to pay for site cleanup. But Gro Con did that separately @ no charge to owners.
There r rumours about in locality of architect + owners who rushed in, rushed ahead and got drawings to a builder. price was on budget, but said builder stuck drawings in 4 permit as architect had not. ! BAL assessment later it was a Flame Zone. $ went beserk post that. Perhaps this one?

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