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Terminal Development

Christchurch International Airport is to be rebuilt big, to accommodate all the extra flights we seem to need to take these days, and all the extra shops we need to walk past. Sadly Warren and Mahoney’s big new building buries Paul Pascoe’s gold medal winning 1956 design. Is that a faint echo of it in the diamond plan? Maybe not.

Like the fine Fifties houses reaplced by nasty monsters because they sit in suburbs that have apparently come up, the humble mid century airport is also endangered by the NEW airport. Today’s airport has become a shopping centre with few aerobridges welded to it out beyond the “wailing wall”.

How it was:
Christchurch airport - pascoe interior
pascoe's airport
[borrowed from Christchurch Modern ]

How it will be:
Christchurch airport - warren and mahoney
Christchurch airport - warren and mahoney - external

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The new airport is by Warren and Mahoney + Hassell. It is decidedly more sober than the Warren and Mahoney + Studio of Pacific Architecture design for Wellington Airport .
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