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Trapped in an elevator documentary

“Trapped in an Elevator” is possibly one of the dullest documentaries I’ve ever endured, but it may be of interest to lift buffs out there.

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For a limited time, SBS online is showing Up To The Sky Episode 1: The Hearst Tower, a half hour german documentary (with English narration). It’s a mildly interesting doco, if you can call it a documentary – it is rather gushingly positive. It zigzags about between various topics – one of the more interesting tidbits to emerge was that Foster’s initial presentation to the Hearst board was taking place when the World Trade Center was attacked down the street.

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Another way to sell your practice. Sell your office. From David Baker and Partners, San Francisco. It comes complete with bicycle hangers and compost bins.

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Diller visits the Highline

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Greg Lynn on crystals

Greg Lynn does some cyrstal curtains for a crystal-making sponsor. 2,000,000 crystals welded into sails. Just what we need. The net effect is surprisingly unsurprising (on video at least). Lynn sounds remarkably polite when asked by the interviewer whether he had to work with an… architect to do the project.

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The poor folks living in a sundrenched apartment block across the road from MOMA in New York are a bit riled about the museum’s proposal to build a tower the height of the Empire State Building in its service yard. In the olden days this would have resulted in letters to council and getting Geoffrey Rush involved. Nowadays you make a movie about it.

18.08.09 in urban-planning video-clips

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