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MSD Incubator - relocatable classrooms competition

This is a past event.

We invite you to propose design ideas for relocatable classrooms of the future.

This Competition seeks to elicit innovation, creativity and blue-sky thinking; to encourage entrants to consider how things can be “otherwise”.

Your ideas could potentially:
› transform relocatable classroom environments
› influence government policy on the design and delivery of future relocatable infrastructure
› be developed as a prototype

The total prize pool is AUD $60,000.

Who can enter?
This single stage Design Ideas Competition is open – but not limited to – professionals and tertiary students including Architects, Landscape Architects, Urban Designers, Planners and Industrial Designers. We encourage entrants to work in multidisciplinary teams.

This Competition has the endorsement of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Learn from our research
Our 4 research brochures will be available from 20 July.

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