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Sprawling from Grace: The Consequences of Suburbanisation

posted 01.13 in resources.

This U.S. documentary from 2008, freely available on Youtube, sells the virtues of the New Urban town centre to the general video-watching population. Unfortunately it uses scare tactics to do so. The first two-thirds warns of impending doom in the...

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Jan Gehl lecture - Cities for People

posted 05.11 in events.

Melbourne Town Hall
May 2nd 2011, 6pm
Free, no bookings – so arrive at 5.30pm

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More Danish Delights

posted 06.09 in news.

Jan Gehl is bringing Copenhagen to Perth , and has just completed a $250,000 study on the city which was presented to the public on Friday night. He gave a radio interview the day before, during which he suggested merging functional types so that...

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Gehl Architects

posted 01.08 in resources.

Sydney's problem with cars.

posted 01.08 in news.

A panel of holidaying experts ponder what the blinkers to do with Sydney. Jan Gehl’s pricey 10 months-in-the-making report seems to have left locals a little down. They don’t seem to hate The Toaster as much as they used to, but...

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