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Curutchet on film

posted 11.11 in news.

Photo: Consuelopumara Le Corbusier’s Casa Curutchet in La Plata, Argentina is the star of a recent film showing on SBS On Demand until the 23rd. A well to do furniture designer lives and works peacefully in the house with his family until...

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Richard Toop on Iannis Xenakis

posted 05.11 in events.

Free. Group Bookings welcome: 9925 1717

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The Rhetoric of Modernism: Le Corbusier as a Lecturer

posted 04.10 in resources.

le corbusier book

By Tim Benton. Published 2009. See butterpaper article amazon

Radiant City boogie

posted 03.10 in resources.

Radiant City: 24 Hours in the Mind of Le Corbusier from free electron on Vimeo.

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More Danish Delights

posted 06.09 in news.

Jan Gehl is bringing Copenhagen to Perth , and has just completed a $250,000 study on the city which was presented to the public on Friday night. He gave a radio interview the day before, during which he suggested merging functional types so that...

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Corb - warts'n'all

posted 04.09 in news.

Martin Filler, at the New York Review of Books, wades through 8 new books on Le Corbusier, and gives some hint of his inner complexities. He also describes Le Corbusier as a lecturer (Tim Benton has just written a book about this): “Despite...

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Couvent de la Tourette

posted 09.08 in resources.

Here’s some practical information in French on how and when to get there. Click “Informations pratiques (suite)” in the menu for the second page.

Firminy Vert

posted 09.08 in resources.

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Fondation Le Corbusier at Maison la Roche

posted 08.08 in resources.

Housed in the Maison La Roche (open to the public, along with Maison Jeanneret and Immeuble Molitor).

Architecture, the expression of the materials and methods of our times

posted 08.08 in news.

Corb writing for Architectural Record in 1929, not a lot changes. We still permit our houses to lie close to a damp and unhealthy ground. We are still discussing whether or not our houses are to have roofs, while roof gardens bring health, joy,...

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Great modern buildings

posted 10.07 in news.

A Guardian special, with an introduction by Jonathan Glancey. An unlikely bunch of famous names write about the buildings – Germaine Greer on Notre Dame du Haut: On the way back to Venice from a holiday in Spain we had made a detour to...

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