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Sydney's problem with cars.

A panel of holidaying experts ponder what the blinkers to do with Sydney. Jan Gehl’s pricey 10 months-in-the-making report seems to have left locals a little down. They don’t seem to hate The Toaster as much as they used to, but they’d really like to blast the Cahill Expressway out of Circular Quay. DJ Adam Spencer would like to see Pitt St and King St become cycling streets, “the cars would just deal with it. Initial complaints from business would be allayed when they realised that trade boomed.” Hmm I think they tried that with Swanston “Walk” in Melbourne, not a great success. They also think the public transport’s crap and that cars are killing the city.

The Gehl Report 1
The Gehl report 2

» SMH 02.01.08

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