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Lonsdale House doomed?

Planning permit approved . Going, going…

lonsdale house

Lonsdale House was most recently known for the Caledonian Laneway experience – a cheap rent refuge for barbers, mattresses, noodles, and long neck beer – until everyone was booted out.


St Jerome’s bar was wedged into a tiny old Italian restaurant until they exploded through the back door and took over the rear laneway creating one of the better night spaces in Melbourne. Neighbouring bar Shit Town was short-lived as it was never quite able to comply with the Building Code – housing a bar on a dilapidated stairway. Fun again while it lasted.

However, the new Myer has been given a green light, meaning lots of work for NH architecture doing this:

myer lonsdale

Which used to look like this, when NH extended their wrapped gift design onto Lonsdale House.

new lonsdale myer

Down the other end of the laneway you’ll be passing by this soon, notwithstanding the GFC:


For more pixs of the glamorous escalatored atrium, see the NH project page .

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A disgracefully shortsighted and greedy decision. To widen an access lane. Seriously what are these people on ??? If this continues then its not just Lonsdale House that is doomed IMO but forever Melbourne’s remaining character.

by Sean on 27/07/09 ·#

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