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Keating rustles feathers over hungry mile

east darling harbour

Always one with words, ex Prime Minister Paul Keating recently criticised colourfully the Sydney Morning Herald’s coverage of the dubious development at Barangaroo. The SMH was none too happy at being called “jaundiced” and “intellectually corrupt” and today lashed back at the Barangaroo “band master”.

“Keating has said that he wants public debate on Barangaroo. The Herald couldn’t agree more. So instead of attacking the messenger, address the questions.”

They go on, in yesterday’s lead editorial, to spell out the questions. Worth a read .

The letters page is on the SMH’s side. Here’s a good one from Gary Sullivan:

“It is unclear to me if Richard Rogers is referring to the hotel or the movement of the water when he says that ‘‘it’s very three-dimensional’‘.

“It would come as a surprise to me if either were not three-dimensional, but he implies that three dimensions is something unusual. His use of ‘‘very’‘ also indicates that there are degrees of three-dimensionality to which I was formerly ignorant. Architects obviously see the world differently from the way ordinary folk see it.”

As part of its return salvo, the SMH also attempted a visualisation of what the contentious hotel tower might look like from Darling Harbour. Why? Because there are, “no plans available to reveal what the tower might look like from the south.”

In the same issue, Elizabeth Farrelly questioned the dominance of Paul Keating in the process: “Top to toe, Barangaroo is now wholly Keating’s baby. If any doubts lingered as to his paternity, Tuesday evening’s packed performance removed them, Keating carrying on like a character in his own musical.” She then wonders how the proposed Midtown Manhattan model will com off given that there is but one developer, Lend Lease.

Anyways, in the minds of Paul Keating, Richard Rogers, and Kristina Keneally, it’s all done and dusted. “Lend Lease‚Äôs first stage commitment is to deliver at least 40,000m2 by June 2014.” Just some public consultation to get out of the way first. Until March 20th, locals will have a chance to see what it is all about at a public display centre on site.

I might wait for the opera.

Barangaroo press release
Banagaroo Delivery Authority’s letters to the SMH

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Posted by Peter on 26.02.10 in 




One way to guarantee a sure fire shit result would be to hire the cobblers and get a mexican docklands.

by hairdresser on 27/02/10 ·#

What an absolute monstrosity. When will they ever learn? They are doing too much in one hit. Less weighting should be given to financial returns and more to social and urban design. They can’t expect to fabricate active and complex cities overnight.

by Anti-Narcissist on 28/02/10 ·#

Lend Lease have a second plan in their back pocket:

by peter on 01/03/10 ·#

wot a crock andi. try fed square for active and complex overnight. it can b done. compare with master planned urban design and fabricated “complexity” of mexican docklands. totally fcuked, your building the worst. compare with “organic” decades long take over of eastern parklands of mexico city by soccer hooligans, jet set tennis fans and AFL bogans. Inactive, uncomplex and hardly accessible public space.

by hairdresser on 01/03/10 ·#

Fed square had placed urban design over $$$, a square for the people.
Bangaroo is heading the same way as Docklands with a lot of corporate offices.
Different drivers HD

by Anti-Narcissist on 01/03/10 ·#

Comparing a sporting precinct with Bangaroo is like oranges and lemons.

by Anti-Narcissist on 01/03/10 ·#

U r right, oranges r like lemons. Both citrus.

by hairdresser on 02/03/10 ·#

fed square is good original design over not spending $. makes heaps of $ for the govt. successful on all fronts, mercantile and civic.

Docklands is not full of corporate offices? its a hack stadium, a broken ferris wheel, a cheapo mall, a E grade film studio, an office park road system, a crap tafe and heaps of apartments 2. mixed. mixed shit 4 sure.

don’t hear good argument against Bangaroo so far that doesn’t move past spewing up Chrissy Alexander.

by hairdresser on 02/03/10 ·#

WHy would you go to Barangaroo HD?
Initial visit due to novelty factor, but forgotten after.

by Anti-Narcissist on 02/03/10 ·#

dunno? ahhh – 2 do business?
or why would u go to mCg? not 2 sit in the sun for sure.

by hairdresser on 02/03/10 ·#

Sounds like docklands

by Anti-Narcissist on 02/03/10 ·#

can’t be, B is fatally flawed by all being done in i hit according 2 u.
docklands has been getting fabricated for 15 years as one of your not overnite complex cities. your anal sis not mine.

wot not simple + hard core $ logic 2 start with. meat packers warehouses, financial district, whatever. single use stuff. wear it out and hand it over to real people in 100 years time 2 make something else out of it. wots the big hurry 2 demand it go straight 2 middle class leisure fantasy.

by hairdresser on 02/03/10 ·#


by peter on 04/03/10 ·#

Here’s the video of last week’s stormy meeting

by peter on 04/03/10 ·#

thanks 4 the link peter.
keating rips. manhattanism + clear idea of what the harbour is – headlands.

by hairdresser on 04/03/10 ·#

Architects respond: SMH 10.03.10

by peter on 14/03/10 ·#

Now Barangaroo Development Authority member and Lord Mayor and M.P. for Sydney is in trouble for wearing too many hats. The Libs have charged her with a conflict of interest over Barangaroo – odd that it’s taken them two years to come up with that.

by peter on 26/03/10 ·#

The plan for Barangaroo is a great step for the expansion of the CBD. The hotel over the water creates a dramatic effect, similar to the Opera House sitting over the harbour. From an urban planning perspective, the only aspect holding the proposal back is too much red tape.

by Eli on 03/04/10 ·#

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