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Melton gets even bigger

Melton North plan
ABC News announced tonight that the Melton North subdivision is proceeding. 1,300 houses spread over 106 hectares, this suburb will be much smaller than Toolern , just East of Melton, where 2,500 rural hectares are currently being suburbanised. The Precinct Structure Plan is also a lot smaller. It has a few words to say about encouraging higher density living around Neighbourhood Activity Centres, but the detail paints a different picture. Lots between 250 and 300 square metres will not require a planning permit for a single house. So smaller lots will require a planning permit? Is that encouraging?

As the ABC TV News pointed out (there is no link), the northern edge is a booming area for new suburbs. The suburban carpet continues to roll out as if it was 1968.

Growth Areas Authority – Melton North

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