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JJ Clark, wunderkind

Old Treasury Building Melbourne, Gil Meydan
[ Old Treasury Building, Melbourne. Gil Meydan ]

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Pop-up pirate

Students from the VCA & RMIT & Swinburne have conspired to put together a pop-up “pirate” radio tower in Southbank, Melbourne. Designed by U.S. architect of things containerised, Adam Kalkin, with possible allusions to Sydney Nolan’s Ned Kelly, the tower is made from several old shipping containers. It’s covered in a camouflage design, but I think the authorities will spot it. It’s all part of the Ian Potter Museum’s Mis-design exhibition. “Mis-Design conceives of and affirms a future for art, outside of the art world, as a parasite in the complex machinery of consumer culture.”

22.07.11 in exhibition 

Hansen Yuncken extended

The Hansen Yuncken exhibition at Melbourne Uni has been extended to the 24th. MORE

08.12.10 in exhibition 

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64 sutton street - venue of index 2010 RMIT interior design

11.11.10 in exhibition 

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Phooey roll up the carpet

The Phooey ‘Upcycle’ exhibition is closing tonight – with drinks.. erm… right now. It is/was at the Wunderlich Gallery at Melbourne Uni. For those how didn’t get there, here I some phone cam shots I took yesterday. The entire exhibition is printed on old carpet tiles, and covers the floor and wall of the gallery. There is nothing in the gallery space expect for visitors looking like giants walking over small buildings. Considering the less-than-pristine state of the carpet tiles, it is interesting to see how well the images have printed onto them – they are quite high resolution. IT was easy to become emersed in the little scenes scattered around the room. Quite a pong from the paints and glues hung in the room, which may have had an effect on my state of mind.

01.10.10 in exhibition 

Architect / protaganist:

paint the town

wave of calm

04.06.10 in exhibition 

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