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A lack of zeal

Driving past Waiheke Island’s new library construction site last month, I raised a bushy eyebrow on seeing the hoarding announcing Mainzeal Group as main contractor. I hadn’t seen their name anywhere for a very long while. I had thought they had been laid waste to on Black Monday, 1987. But I am an infrequent visitor to Auckland, my old home town.

10.02.13 in builders heritage

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Spell in AKL

I have just returned from a few days in New Zealand. The house extension I have been working on there for four years got its code of compliance certificate as I left – a major relief as any NZ architect will know. I may pop a photo below when I figure out how to get one onto this Macintosh…

25.11.10 in heritage 

Slug rubs Shed 10

In a compromise decision if there ever was one, powers that be in Auckland have decided to keep one of the two 98 year old industrial sheds on Queens Wharf, and to build a temporary $9M tent next to it. This was thought to be for Rugby World Cup hoons to party in and so was named “Party Central”. NZ Prime Minister John Keys has jumped into the fray of clamouring pollies to say that he doesn’t think people will actually be getting drunk there.

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Shed ache


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Vernon Brown house to fall

vernon brown
33 Kitchener Road, one of my faves from a childhood spent ambling back and forward along the Takapuna foreshore, by Group Architects member Vernon Brown, is to be demolished. This follows 20 years after a similar house by Ivan Juriss nearby was shipped out to the countryside, no longer appropriate for the skyrocketing property values on the foreshore.

19.09.09 in heritage 

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