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Docklands cast shadow: the redux

I’m not sure I get this. The one part of the New Quay promenade at Docklands that gets any sun is to be built out in the interests of providing customers to nearby shops. I will go and figure…

02.09.11 in urban-design real-estate

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Why does land cost the earth?

That’s the subtitle of a new documentary to be previewed at Melbourne’s ACMI on August 10th, Real Estate for Ran$om. Looking into the economics of property speculation, the film’s researchers uncovered a little secret. While the REIV’s housing vacancy rate for Melbourne stands at 1.7%, the “speculative” vacancy rate, which includes housing not for rent, is 4.94%. That’s 46,220 of the 935,305 properties for which they inspected water bills – a tell tale sign of whether a house is occupied.

25.07.11 in planning real-estate

Houses for sale

Occasional contributor Neville K. points out that there are two upcoming auctions in NSW and Vic that might offer a rare chance to snoop through some private properties of note.

24.11.10 in real-estate 

Undocumented Katsalidis

209 Kobo Creek Road,
Portland West

19.12.09 in real-estate 

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10 Gawler Crescent

10 Gawler Crescent
Canberra, ACT

02.12.09 in real-estate 

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Moonlight Head

Buy one of Glenn and Wendy’s houses on the Great Ocean Road here for $3M, or perhaps here for $2.2M. You’d better read this first though. Maserati not included.

26.06.09 in real-estate buildings

Fred's home

30 Mount Eagle Road, Ivanhoe East

03.05.09 in buildings real-estate

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