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To infinity and beyond

“I want architectural excellence and height … I want buildings that inspire Victorians. If this can be done in the right place, and with beauty, then the sky’s the limit.” Matthew Guy, April 2012

06.03.13 in urban-planning urban-design

Tall skinny stories

elenberg fraser towers
Tower Melbourne (left and middle), Abode 318 (right). Elenberg Fraser

29.10.12 in buildings urban-design

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Docklands cast shadow: the redux

I’m not sure I get this. The one part of the New Quay promenade at Docklands that gets any sun is to be built out in the interests of providing customers to nearby shops. I will go and figure…

02.09.11 in urban-design real-estate

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Doyle's backflip

Melbourne Lord Mayor has changed his tune on Swanston Street, and is now advocating a pedestrian friendly strip borrowing from recent work on New Yor’s Broadway and Times Square. New buddy, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is sending him “some material” about it.

24.12.09 in urban-design 

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The Pink Peril

Sound like The Vault all over? Bellemo and Cat’s Sidle playground shelter is made from old plastic playground slides (makes sense). It was entered in this year’s Institute awards, but is now under threat of removal by the City of Manningham. Locals are “divided” about it, when they’re not sliding on it, and the council would like to move the sculture to someplace where people can, “appreciate the artistic merit of the work”. I think there’s a spot just across from the Casino that might be vacant.

29.07.08 in urban-design 

Architect / protaganist:

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