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John likes squares

University of Melbourne students of architecture made this oddball piece in 1965. There are probably a few familiar faces floating through it. The short contains appearances by the brand new architecture building (soon to be demolished), an unfenced Sidney Myer Music Bowl, and a chicken.

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How Now and When

OBJECT speaks to Ivan Rijavec, John Gollings and Daniel Flood about how they achieved stereo images of the city at night for their Venice Biennale exhibit. Turns out to be a tricky procedure requiring a chopper to be flown twice along a path, but the second time 66 metres to the side. I suppose that’s cheaper than hiring a 747 and using two cameras.

25.07.11 in visualisations video-clips

Adelaide vox pop

The Plan radio show and a video vox pop in the streets of Adelaide in February. Very… energetically presented by comedian Mark Trenwith, it suggests that architects have a bit of work to do in that city to boost their reputation. Few interviewees could name any architect, and few thought architects were at all important. Still, they had plenty to say when asked what their least favourite buildings were.

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ARM’s self-made video, part 1. Walk into the offices, and a chat with the directors. They are all looking a little jaundiced. Fond memories of the ‘trials of fire’ of the Half Time club.

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The Architects hit Fed Square

Good? Bad? Ugly? All three? This video from Sunday’s Art Nation also contains a glimpse of Lab’s ideas for Fed Square East. Think leafy and shady!

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Video coverage from Channel Ten late last week. The new NSW State government announced a review of the Barangaroo project.

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How Peter does it

A little interview by Igloo with Peter Maddison, host of Grand Designs Australia… and my old boss. Not that old.

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Grand Designer

Peter Maddison struts his stuff for the upcoming Aussie version of Grand Designs.

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Taglietti video

Enrico Taglietti on his ACT schools. While at his desk, in front of piles of old drawings, he talks about working under Gough Whitlam (not unlike the pressures of the BER), concrete, and the good and “shameful” modifications to his buildings.

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Games we will play

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RMIT Swanston

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