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Fast Train

Hassell train

Hassell enters the endless public discussion on fast trains for Australia with a sleek design and video .

Inspiration? Mark Loughnan from Hassell says, “The [Holden] Monaro has an identity in Australia and conjures up an image for everyone. We wanted something that struck a chord with Australians, and was associated with speed.”

They even have the stripe. But will those fins help the speed wobbles that always cause me to spill my drink on fast trains, and to walk like Lurch?

Holden Monaro public domain

But perhaps there was an alternative inspiration? Having stared at those funny little headlights a bit too long, it came to me: Bambino! No, Simca!


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Posted by Peter on 08.06.11 in 

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by info on 11.06.10, 08:42 am ·#

still powered by overhead lines, really? not enough thought gone in to this one.

by b_n on 11.06.14, 07:30 am ·#

thought, what’s that?

by cabbie on 11.06.14, 11:21 am ·#

Powered by brown coal more like it.

by greenhaus on 11.06.16, 01:10 am ·#

they were striking their own chords on that one.

by dug on 11.06.16, 01:15 am ·#

@cabbie, not something you can find in a monaro.

by info on 11.06.16, 01:16 am ·#

Or a Simca?

by dug on 11.06.16, 01:19 am ·#

This train is real fast, 3hrs melbourne to sydney, really looking forward to this.

by DesignBuild Source on 11.06.16, 01:10 pm ·#

Aus engineering/construction aren’t up for it in the real world – see
XPT track “improvements”.
Monaro is the right inspiration. Looks fast – goes slow – doesn’t like corners.

by dug on 11.06.17, 09:41 am ·#

Monaro? No way, its a Brougham going backwards.

by pk on 11.06.18, 11:55 am ·#

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