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Regrowth Pod

Butterpaper is happy to publish for discussion architects’ work related to bushfire reconstruction. The first is from Melbourne practice 1:1 Architects, a director of which lives in Kinglake West.

1:1 Architects Pty Ltd
“As architects we wanted to help out in some way with the re-building process of fire destroyed homes in Victoria. After several days of discussion and design amongst the office we attach our design for the HOUSE REGROWTH Pod.

It is a permanent and cost effective housing unit which can assist in the rebuilding of the fire devastated town-ships of Victoria.

The robust pre-fabricated concrete structure has been designed to be built upon, but in the short term acts as a habitable starting point for the building of a new home.

The units can be prefabricated, delivered and connected to services rapidly allowing families to begin the process of re-building without displacement from their communities.

The House Pod is not just relief housing it is a starting block for the re-growth of regional Victoria. We have built a number of projects using concrete prefabrication technology and further information can be found on our website.

We have already spoken with the fabricator of the concrete modules , Ecotec Build solutions who have generously offered to construct a prototype.”

regrowth pod

regrowth pod


1:1 Architects

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They have a website. re-Growth pod

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