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Marcus White emerges

University of Melbourne lecturer Dr Marcus White has been named the inaugural National Emerging Architect of the Year at the Australian Achievement in Architecture Awards ceremony, run by the AIA.

25.03.11 in architects awards

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Bridges over the railway

steven holl's melbourne bridges
Stumbled upon this 1979 proposal by Steven Holl to span over the Melbourne rail yards with a series of Ponte Vecchio inspired buildings-as-bridges. Kind of nice, post Federation Square, to remember the nature of the rail yards then, though half his bridges span from nowhere to nowhere in particular. The proposal is shown here together with another similar one for New York’s Highline – since made schmick by Diller, Scofio and Renfro.

01.08.10 in architects theory

Competitions burn you out

Peter Davidson ( Lab Architecture Studio ), in conversation with Michael Ostwald just before the Lab exhibition “Draw the Line” opened last month at the NGV.

25.08.09 in architects competitions

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Windsor shower curtain good vibes

DCM’s plans for the Windsor Hotel move a step closer to fruition.

31.07.09 in architects 

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Bogong moth

The one day I spent living with a Bogong Moth (clinging to the ranch sliders at Bermagui) was pretty strange, especially what it got up to with the fly screen… So I can only find it strange to hear that this huge scary moth was Callum Fraser’s inspiration for his latest hotel for ski bunnies, Quay West Resort & Spa (previously known as St. Falls).

22.07.09 in architects 

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Seeing red

The brits(?) commenting on Maynard’s Vader House seem to have it in for his red tiles. Apparently red will date! The article is at the snazzy new Architectural Review site (UK) site. Yes that’s my typo-ridden comment, someone had to stand up for red.

17.06.09 in architects 

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Ethcl consdrtns

Andrew Maynard’s website has gone all tweety. In a twittering this afternoon, one can sense the anger in the manglish:

09.06.09 in architects 

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Daily Wardle

John’s school gets dosed . So does the book .

08.06.09 in architects 


Ashton Raggatt McDougall have abandoned their plain old website, linking instead to pages at wikipedia , flickr , and youtube . Very Web 2.0, sort of. Very trusting too. So if you’re trying to find anything now on their site, wade through the 24 page PDF, if you can find it. Hint: click on the statement of exclusivity/fact. If you are googling, you’re likely to end up in the old site for a while.

08.06.09 in architects 

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Apple green

Bellemo and Cat’s house and office in Northcote, Melbourne, is an Ampelite clad box streaked in apple green. Certainly brightens up the cramped laneway it inhabits. Apparently the streaks are drived from a drawing of the structure of one of their previous works. Dwell magazine recently featured it.

11.04.09 in architects 

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Regrowth Pod

Butterpaper is happy to publish for discussion architects’ work related to bushfire reconstruction. The first is from Melbourne practice 1:1 Architects, a director of which lives in Kinglake West.

14.02.09 in architects 

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Even more cantilevering by JCBA

jcba kew house

21.08.08 in architects 

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Domesticated animals

Melbourne’s Nest Architecture , perhaps tiring of the lets-empty-the-place approach to architectural photography, worked with artist Tai Snaith to ‘people’ one of their houses with a collection of animals (stuffed, wooden, and real) and related bits and pieces. The result was then photographed by documentary photographer Jesse Marlow . They tell me a fun day was had by all. Maybe they can fit a horse in next time. More on their site .

18.08.08 in architects photographers

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Cantilever of JCBA #2

These guys seem to be off on a propped out tangent all of their own with their cantilevered homes. This one is at Cape Schanck on the Mornington Peninsula, and the article is at Arch Daily. Pic by John Gollings.

27.07.08 in architects 

Denton's review

John Denton is interviewed after retiring as Victoria’s State Government architect. He doesn’t exactly give the current Labour Government a ringing endorsement. In particular he criticises its penchant for Public Private Partnerships, which tend to open the public land up to an unnecessary level of commercial development and shut the government out of the process.

26.07.08 in architects 

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Cantilever of the week

I stumbled across this JCBA house at, down at Separation Creek. A tree-like series of green boxes, with the first floor cantilevering off in all directions. Being where it is, I wonder how it would all work in a wild fire?

13.07.08 in architects 

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New Government Architect

Victoria has a new government architect, Geoffrey London. Unknown in Melbourne, London has spent his academic career in Western Australia, where he was also Government Architect. Expect a change of flavour form outgoing Govarchitect, John Denton.

06.07.08 in architects 

Doing it his way

Peter Corrigan profile by Norman Day, written after Corrigan won the RAIA Gold Medal in 2003.

01.09.03 in architects profiles

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Vive La Vie

An interview with Daryl Jackson earlier this decade.

24.04.00 in architects 

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