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Windsor shower curtain good vibes

DCM’s plans for the Windsor Hotel move a step closer to fruition.

The Age says, “ [Bill Corker] said [planning] department officials had shown good body language in meetings and he had a good ‘‘vibe’’ about its success. Corker said the height of the tower was irrelevant in light of its good design.”

windsor hotel DCM

Here’s Norman Day’s take on it. The Age 31.07.09

Older Age article here .
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Posted by Peter on 31.07.09 in 



Warms me in all sorts of intimate places to see Mr. Cocker advocating this 25-storey mere whiff of gossamer. Extra gushing too over seeing his rampant talent and years of hard work being lauded by his Age and age-consistent ‘critic’. Perhaps InCorrigible was wrong for his vino-targetting years ago or maybe he was trying to spare us all this ugly moment of public relations?

by YOBITCH on 31/07/09 ·#

At a protest yesterday a message from an absent Camberwellian Geoffrey Rush was read out, comparing the demolition of the back of the Windsor Hotel to the Dresden bombing.

Greens leader Bob Brown lept on the bandwagon too, promising to take the matter to the feds – to protect our nation’s heritage apparently.

by peter on 26/03/10 ·#

@ Yob. Piere the Great was throwing the bottle at B. Joyce actually …..and he missed. By a mile.

by hairdresser on 28/03/10 ·#

have a look at nat trust site for another view of the proposal before and after

by landofoz on 03/05/10 ·#

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