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The unmemorable Stonehenge centre

stonehenge visitors centre

stonehenge visitors centre

After years of hesitation, a shrunken visitor’s centre designed by Denton Corker Marshall will finally be built. At one-tenth of the value of their original scheme, the new design tries not to be there. London director Stephen Quinlan tells the Independent , “if a visitor can remember their visit to the stones but can’t remember the visitor centre they passed through, we will be happy.” It sounds like the centre is much needed, but not wanted. The STG26M building is apparently temporary, but as one anonymous observer says, “it’s bound to become permanent because we don’t, as a country, always commit enough money to projects like this”.

DCM project page
AA review of earlier scheme

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Posted by Peter on 17.10.09 in 



don’t comes – brain thieves ripping off SAANA. Monash got the right professor hey.

by hairdresser on 18/10/09 ·#

The Visitor Centre looks great. I am really surprised that one of Australia’s best architectural practices doesn’t get the (Australian) support it deserves for its proposals, particularly on a site of such international significance. I think you should refer to other articles such as the UK’s ‘The Independent’ newspaper ( who explain how the importance of the Stones is pre-eminent in these proposals. Building in a World Heritage Site is not an easy thing to do. I think these proposals are very sympathic whilst remaining very exciting.

by London Calling on 21/10/09 ·#

Hairdresser- National protrait gallery. I’m sorry my english is not very good.

by Woj on 21/10/09 ·#

^^no worries mr. strummer. take em away by all means.
the dirty don’t comes have just raped fed square here. be nice if they could be stopped from wiping their bums on anything else thats good and got a soul.

by hairdresser on 24/10/09 ·#

@ woj.
this –

by hairdresser on 24/10/09 ·#

? But the serpentine has only been up a few weeks – the Stonehenge pavilion has been stewing for years.

by peter on 25/10/09 ·#

few weeks? guess the days drag into weeks drag into months down the south pole peter. serpentine just got pulled down for winter mate.
not a one off from SANAA last time i looked around.

yes stonehedge design is a stew – hadn’t looked at it that way

by hairdresser on 25/10/09 ·#

Sheesh, are we really up to October already? Will have to look up from the PC more.

by peter on 25/10/09 ·#

yeah know that feeling. – been tied to the keyboard since march.
short back and sides to infinity on the gillard treadmill.

by hairdresser on 26/10/09 ·#

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