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Max Pritchard interview

As part of last week’s Plan radio show, South Australian architect Max Pritchard gave a long interview about his career and recent attempts to address the project home, which met with mild success. Worth lending a spare ear to.

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Some very sad news. On Sunday Lena Yali (Troppo Darwin) and Kevin Taylor (Taylor Cullity Lethlean) died in a car accident near Darwin. Last night Greg McNamara (Troppo Darwin) also died. Here is an ABC interview from this morning, an interview with Richard Layton from AIA NT, and a written tribute from Phil Harris, who was able to walk away from the crash.

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Marcus White emerges

University of Melbourne lecturer Dr Marcus White has been named the inaugural National Emerging Architect of the Year at the Australian Achievement in Architecture Awards ceremony, run by the AIA.

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Bruce Rickard dies

Sydney architect Bruce Rickard died last week, at the age of 80, after a long career turning out very good residential work. Here are a few links.

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Bridges over the railway

steven holl's melbourne bridges
Stumbled upon this 1979 proposal by Steven Holl to span over the Melbourne rail yards with a series of Ponte Vecchio inspired buildings-as-bridges. Kind of nice, post Federation Square, to remember the nature of the rail yards then, though half his bridges span from nowhere to nowhere in particular. The proposal is shown here together with another similar one for New York’s Highline – since made schmick by Diller, Scofio and Renfro.

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Following on from several other newspapers’ reviews of local architecture, Adelaide Now profiles a few ‘strange’ and ‘bizarre’ built in South Australia. The freak show includes this number from levitating architect and builder Shane Hendricks.

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Maddison Grandness

Peter Maddison, of Maddison Architects , is host of the Australian Grand Designs.

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Competitions burn you out

Peter Davidson ( Lab Architecture Studio ), in conversation with Michael Ostwald just before the Lab exhibition “Draw the Line” opened last month at the NGV.

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UTS Broadway competition

And the winner is… Denton Corker Marshall.

01.08.09 in architects competitions

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Windsor shower curtain good vibes

DCM’s plans for the Windsor Hotel move a step closer to fruition.

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The last Seidler

The practice continues, but the Clarence Street Alliance Francaise building, which is opening in Sydney, is the last penned by him. I can’t find any pics other than the interior one in the BT article.

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Bogong moth

The one day I spent living with a Bogong Moth (clinging to the ranch sliders at Bermagui) was pretty strange, especially what it got up to with the fly screen… So I can only find it strange to hear that this huge scary moth was Callum Fraser’s inspiration for his latest hotel for ski bunnies, Quay West Resort & Spa (previously known as St. Falls).

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SANAA in Sydney - again

Ryue Nishizawa has been terribly polite on his visit to Sydney to launch an installation (at the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation). In 2000, SANAA’s Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa were booted from the MCA competition that they’d won, but now they’re OK with that. MCA head Liz Ann Macgregor opened the show, and Nishizawa is saying nice things about Sam Marshall’s newish design for the MCA (3rd time lucky?). Nishizawa and Sejima must have gotten the MCA out of their systems after doing the New Museum in New York.

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Seeing red

The brits(?) commenting on Maynard’s Vader House seem to have it in for his red tiles. Apparently red will date! The article is at the snazzy new Architectural Review site (UK) site. Yes that’s my typo-ridden comment, someone had to stand up for red.

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Ethcl consdrtns

Andrew Maynard’s website has gone all tweety. In a twittering this afternoon, one can sense the anger in the manglish:

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Daily Wardle

John’s school gets dosed . So does the book .

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Ashton Raggatt McDougall have abandoned their plain old website, linking instead to pages at wikipedia , flickr , and youtube . Very Web 2.0, sort of. Very trusting too. So if you’re trying to find anything now on their site, wade through the 24 page PDF, if you can find it. Hint: click on the statement of exclusivity/fact. If you are googling, you’re likely to end up in the old site for a while.

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Apple green

Bellemo and Cat’s house and office in Northcote, Melbourne, is an Ampelite clad box streaked in apple green. Certainly brightens up the cramped laneway it inhabits. Apparently the streaks are drived from a drawing of the structure of one of their previous works. Dwell magazine recently featured it.

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Regrowth Pod

Butterpaper is happy to publish for discussion architects’ work related to bushfire reconstruction. The first is from Melbourne practice 1:1 Architects, a director of which lives in Kinglake West.

14.02.09 in architects 

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