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Frank and Ike

Another month, another wounded architect. This time, it isn’t due to the recession resentments of Spanish leftists, it’s conservative Washingtonians who want a monument to Dwight Eisenhower that’s lot more conventional than the one proposed by Frank Gehry. They don’t seem to like any of the “isms” of the past century or so. We find out who wins this coming Friday.

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Raimund Abraham

Cultural forum model

Christopher Hawthorne’s article in the LA Times about embassies, the prescence of one place in another, includes a few words about the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. When I visited it a few years ago, I thought it had that alien presence of a Shin Takamatsu or John Hejduk building – that there was a story to this contraption that would be worth knowing. There is a small split level gallery in the basement, rather pokey (the site is only 25 feet wide), exhibiting Austrian art. I took in the dusty art, huffed that I couldn’t get upstairs, where the building was really interesting, and wandered off to my train. It must have had some effect on me though, as I got on the wrong train and went to Queens.

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John Portman's support

john portman

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Greg Lynn on crystals

Greg Lynn does some cyrstal curtains for a crystal-making sponsor. 2,000,000 crystals welded into sails. Just what we need. The net effect is surprisingly unsurprising (on video at least). Lynn sounds remarkably polite when asked by the interviewer whether he had to work with an… architect to do the project.

29.01.10 in architects video-clips

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Cutting the tape

Architects embroiled in planning or heritage merry-go-rounds might find this article in the NYT warms the cockles. Read how architect Wilfred Armster landed a ‘monstrous’ spaceship condo in a historic streetscape in Connecticut by giving a ‘Jimmy Stewart’ speech to a crowded town hall.

14.08.09 in architects 

Wright and women architects

Beverly Willis launched her new short film, “A Girl Is A Fellow Here”: 100 Women Architects in the Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright, at the Guggenheim in New York on Wednesday. Marion Mahoney (1871–1961) gets a mention in this Metropolis article covering the event. She worked with Frank Lloyd Wright from 1895, before later shifting to Australia with her husband Walter Burley Griffin to work on such wonders as the Canberra plan, and Melbourne’s Newman College and Capitol Theatre . Metropolis informs us that she was the first woman to register as an architect in the world.

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Lebbeus Woods sticks with the pencils

lebbeus woods
Israel’s Wall – 2004

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Marion Mahoney

The Americans are starting to discover who Marion Mahoney Griffin was. About time. This New York Times article reveals to its readership how to pronounce “Mahoney” before attributing a good chunk of Frank Lloyd Wright’s early fame to her renderings.

02.01.08 in architects urban-planning

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Sick of us

by yobitch @ 27.07.07 10:55 pm
Sad but true – but you do grow out of it don’t you ?
Or do people spend their adulthood smitten with ehro worshipping promoting “starchitects” that effectively oppress smaller but not lesser practitioners? Interested in comparing notes………

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