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Bridge building

A great 2007 doco is on ABC iView, until June 14th, on the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Design plagiarism, kidnap attempts, fascists on horses, bank robbing… it’s exhausting.

06.06.11 in buildings 

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Lift to view

OK, so you’ve paid $32M for a site in Point Piper, but it’s not on the sea side of the road, and its pretty damn steep. First thing to do is clear the existing historic mansion. Next, build a new one. Then build a Bat Cave, but swap the bat poles for a bat lift.

05.01.11 in buildings weird-wonderful

$152M on trucks and lifts

opera house trucks

07.06.10 in buildings 

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Hillman House

Findlay Avenue

The letter writers are noisy in Sydney’s Northern burbs right now, protesting that an interior designer should be able to alter her own home’s interior. Willoughby council doesn’t agree, as the 1947 Hillman House is a relatively intact Henry Epstein with built in furniture by Paul Kafka. It is listed as a local heritage “item”.

19.12.09 in buildings heritage

Frank Gehry wows UTS

In case you hadn’t heard, UTS recently announced Californian celebrity architect Frank Gehry as the architect for the new Faculty of Business building in Ultimo. They’re obviously not trying to make friends with the local architectural fratenity. UTS are delighted and sound as if they’ve won the jackpot. The 80 year old legend, who has just been in town on a flying visit, declined to comment due to a tummy bug.

12.12.09 in buildings 

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Albury best and worst?

The Border Mail has some pages listing the best and worst in Albury architecture. Go figure.

22.08.09 in buildings 

UTS docs posted

The jury report for the UTS Broadway competition, won by DCM, is now available online.

17.08.09 in buildings competitions

Into the frying pan

Some shocking news from the ABC: “The Ballina Shire Council has received a submission seeking permission to demolish the Big Prawn.”

16.08.09 in buildings weird-wonderful

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DCM UTS pics and plans


05.08.09 in buildings 

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Shields and gills

Ah.. here is a render of the DCM UTS Broadway building (see previous article ).
Can’t tell very much from this, but everyone the SMH spoke to says it’s very good.

01.08.09 in buildings 

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Does Google know something we don’t about the Supreme Court building in Sydney?

01.08.09 in buildings weird-wonderful

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falling arches

40 Wentworth Road
The Vaucluse

26.07.09 in buildings heritage

Sydney Opera House

SOH – The Guardian (UK) had a major feature on Sydney’s Opera House last week, as part of it’s Great Modern Buildings series. It includes Utzon’s first interview after his departure from the project, and a short homage by Thomas Keneally.

20.10.07 in buildings 

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Opera House ups and downs

30.06.07 – The Opera House has just made it onto the World Heritage List, so that’s good.

30.06.07 in buildings heritage

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