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Toolern update

The Growth Areas Authority has revised its planning documents for the 2,400 hectares of new suburbs at Toolern, Melbourne. There is no summary document to explain the reasoning behind the changes, and it seems that what little is good about the plan is being slowly whittled away with stakeholder input. Increased construction costs for the many community facilities also seem to have caused a reduction in expenditure in other areas.

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New town, old ideas?

toolern map

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Twitter on Barangaroo

Tonight’s talk on Barangaroo, with Paul Keating and Richard Rogers: filtered live via twitter . A sample from John Demanicor: “they’re wearing us down with “soundbites” “place for people” “human scale” .. yawn hype yawn.”

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Bark vs. bite

From the Landcorp (Western Australia) website :

  • “LandCorp is the Western Australian Government’s land and property developer.”
  • Services include “Optimising triple bottom line outcomes from government-owned land.”
  • “Sustainable development requires a different way of thinking about neighbourhoods in our cities and regions and involves identifying ways to demonstrate environmental leadership, community wellbeing, design excellence and economic health to produce integrated and holistic development concepts.”
  • “We apply our sustainability vision to our work to bring a balance of social, environmental and economic outcomes for West Australians.”

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"green" dies at the Herald, along with Sir Howard

Sad day in New Zealand. Sir Howard Morrison dies after a trip to Rarotonga. And the NZ Herald hopes the new Auckland super council will stop thinking ‘green’ – their distancing quotes.

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Keating's big vision


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Freeways not timesavers

A study released today compares 1990s predictions of massive timesavings if new freeways were built in Melbourne, with current data taking into account all the new freeways. The report concludes that car travel times in Melbourne are slower than ever. New roads mean new traffic.

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Those home owners who just won’t sell out to the developer that owns everything around them, own ‘nail houses’. Googlesightseeing has compiled a nail bag full on the occasion of the release of a similarly-themed Pixar film, Up .

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The poor folks living in a sundrenched apartment block across the road from MOMA in New York are a bit riled about the museum’s proposal to build a tower the height of the Empire State Building in its service yard. In the olden days this would have resulted in letters to council and getting Geoffrey Rush involved. Nowadays you make a movie about it.

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Backyard pools

Emergent Urbanism reports on a different type of subdivision. Miami’s outer suburban subdivisions apparently must have their own reservoirs. Looks odd from a satellite.

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Student towers enhance the skyline: official

grote street

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Let's spend some money

At the Planning Institute of Victoria forum on Wednesday, Professor Rob Adams announced some startling findings, from a report commissioned by the DPCD.

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The thin end

This is the last week for public submissions about the Victorian Government’s proposed changes to the Urban Growth Boundary. You can have your say to them here, before July 17th.

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Less roads = less traffic

Add more roads and drivers will flock to them. Take roads away and they disappear! INFRASTRUCTURIST

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More Danish Delights

Jan Gehl is bringing Copenhagen to Perth , and has just completed a $250,000 study on the city which was presented to the public on Friday night. He gave a radio interview the day before, during which he suggested merging functional types so that you’ll be able to get a drink somewhere other than Northbridge. Other ideas include encouraging cycling, and student flats in the CBD. Sounds kind of familiar. The $250,000 study will be online soon so we can have a gander, and perhaps calculate the cost per page.

02.06.09 in urban-planning 

Paris wants to stop burning

Grand designs are afoot for Paris, again. The Guardian says , “the challenge… is not to reshape Paris, but rather to extend its inherent beauty to its outskirts, les banlieues – a web of small villages, some terribly grand and chic (Neuilly, Versailles, Saint Mandé, Vincennes, Saint Germain-en-Laye), others modest and provincial-looking (Montreuil, Pantin, Malakoff, Montrouge, Saint Gervais) and others still, socially ravaged and architecturally dehumanised (La Courneuve, Clichy-sous-bois). And also to link them.”

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Architects seeth over East Darling Harbour

Things are not going well for the architects (Philip Thalis, Paul Berkemeier and Jane Irwin) who won the East Darling Harbour / Barangaroo competition 3 years ago, beating a hundred and something other entries . They complain of being sidelined as the government has sought to increase office space on the site by a third (it has already been increased once), and allow a single developer to take control. Philip Thalis:

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Architect / protaganist:

Beijing update

wikipedia public domain image of Herzog and de Meuron's Olympic Stadium

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