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Parlour call

Parlour - women in architecture

14.08.12 in researchers 

Windsor Hotel - the ongoing saga

windsor hotel 2011 via MHA
2011 rendering, Windsor Hotel with lowered corner building, DCM

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Open Sesame

Titles Office detail of fire door
Former Land Titles Office – fire door

27.07.12 in tours 

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Frank and Ike

Another month, another wounded architect. This time, it isn’t due to the recession resentments of Spanish leftists, it’s conservative Washingtonians who want a monument to Dwight Eisenhower that’s lot more conventional than the one proposed by Frank Gehry. They don’t seem to like any of the “isms” of the past century or so. We find out who wins this coming Friday.

03.06.12 in architects 

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JJ Clark, wunderkind

Old Treasury Building Melbourne, Gil Meydan
[ Old Treasury Building, Melbourne. Gil Meydan ]

20.05.12 in exhibition heritage

The Valencia Effect

Is this a sign of things to come? As austerity measures dig in, are “los indignados” of Spain wondering about the money that fed a cultural building boom? Where complex buildings were designed by foreign architects, who didn’t seem to know that their hefty fees were being added to the country’s debt.

14.05.12 in practice 

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Gallery fatigue

I finally got to the William Kentridge exhibition at ACMI last weekend, with a friend. It closes at the end of May. It is worth every cent. Etchings and drawings of characters in his films take up most of the space. He has a particular way with blotchy skin that reminds me of the late Lucian Freud’s work. The self portraits – William as “Felix” and “Solo” – move about within ghost like bubbles that remind me a bit of one of Freud’s models, Sunshine boy Leigh Bowery.

10.04.12 in galleries 

Black box

DCM Venice Pavilion

04.04.12 in competitions 

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Shades of green

This morning’s Background Briefing on RN examined the flaws in home energy rating systems. The show was unsurprising: they found many houses with low ratings and high performance, and vice versa. No prizes for guessing that architect-designed green homes suffered in the ratings department for not under-glazing, and not air-conditioning. The software wasn’t designed to be used like this and it encourages a conformity of design that suits standard project homes. From my experience, it is a bit of a lottery what the software will think of a custom-designed house.

01.04.12 in sustainability 

A colourful evening

It was my first journey into the 26 year old Dulux colour awards. This is one of several industry awards in architecture, and this one now covers New Zealand also, so it was a big event. I have to admit the main reason I went along was that it was in the Regent Theatre, which I had never ventured into before, musicals not being my thing. The basement ballroom is a hidden Melbourne treasure, giant in scale, yet detailed to the umpteenth degree in 1920s exoticist splendour. Hundreds of ceiling panels, each individually painted. A late nod to the Marriner Group for bringing this beauty back from rat-infestedness.

28.03.12 in awards 

Waking up!

[image by nkzs]

25.03.12 in random-debris 

Accent e-book

Hyundai Australia has just published an e-book covering their six blogger-lead tours around Sydney and Melbourne in August last year. I was one of them, and get a double page spread, thankfully with no mugshot. They seemed to like the Ashton Raggat McDougall buildings I showed them the most. Click the image below to view the book.

25.03.12 in books 

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Life Architecturally on telly

Life Architecturally (trailer) from Britt Arthur on Vimeo.

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Panel drop

The National Mutual tower in Collins Street (Godfrey & Spowers, Hughes, Mewton and Lobb) lost a marble facade tile today, clearing the plaza 10 storeys below. The Age has more, mistakenly referring to a fallen ‘concrete slab’, a scary thought.

30.01.12 in buildings 

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Trapped in an elevator documentary

“Trapped in an Elevator” is possibly one of the dullest documentaries I’ve ever endured, but it may be of interest to lift buffs out there.

30.11.11 in video-clips 

Venice pavilion shortlist yawner

The Australia Council yesterday announced its shortlist for the Venice pavilion competition. As expected, they are playing it safe, with just a couple of smallish practices. Given the level of discontent surrounding the competition, it’s surprising and provocative of them to play it this safe. It’s the competition you have when you’re not having a competition. All blokes who graduated before 1986, so a total lack of Gen X, Y or Z, or XX chromosomes. Of the 67 expressions of interest, the jury of five chose:

24.11.11 in buildings 

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Ted's top ten

Manchester Unity building

22.11.11 in buildings 

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